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Thursday, April 12, 2007

27. imus be hearing things

i said, well i-man i guess this is it for a while. whacha gonna do?
he said, spend some time at my ranch with kids with cancer who visit for ten weeks a year, 50% of them being minorities.
i said, ya mean the kids you have occasionally referred to as “whining little bastards”.
he said, yeah but that’s just an expression. my wife and i love them like our own kid.
i said, you mean your wife who your radio gang sometimes refers to as “a hot babe”.
he said, well she is but we say that about some of the “news bunnies” here too.
i asked, why do you do that?
he said, look we’re no pansy ass homos.
i said, and you want all of us to believe your troubling words last week were isolated.
he said, well they were.
i said, well, you’ll need more than two weeks to think about this, and at least now you’ll get the chance.

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