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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

(from the files) 25. tom cruise uses "head on"

(an excerpt from interviews i had with various stars regarding the use of "head on")

i said, hey tom i hear you use ‘head on’.
tom said, yeah, it actually is a very important part of a scientology ritual known as the “hubbard head meld”. katie dabs a little “head on” to my forehead. i dab a little on katie’s. we close our eyes and touch dabs. it creates a 13th dimensional mind opening through which our spirits mingle in joy and couch-jumping euphoria. i know. it sounds crazy. look, think of it as a vulcan mind meld, except for real.
i said, frankly, my money is on the vulcan thingy being real before this nutty head meld idea.

then he called me some tawdry names, stopped the interview, and left through the stage set window for some odd reason.

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Keaton's Mom said...

This guy is a real nut case. Did you know he is an 'expert' in psychology too? Just ask him. I did like him in Top Gun. Perhaps it was that outer space shooting of the movie that started his downhill spiral. Perhaps he was contacted by aliens and told to spread the word.