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Monday, June 29, 2009

915. boss don discusses good project manager skills

boss don said, crane if you wanna become a top notch project manager some day, you'll need to seize responsibility for project failures and pass down responsibility for project successes. sometimes a bitter pill to swallow.
i said, but boss, you're a project manager and you do the complete opposite.
boss don said, i said that's what you do if you wanna be top notch, not promotable, dumbass.
i said, oh.


lightly said...

sounds like my boss.

I got blamed for a project that fails and i wasn't even on the project, i never get credit for the successful projects i'm on so i guess it all evens out.

but i shouldn't complain, they told me i could not be on the project because my logic was not up to there standard, they were right, its better than theirs

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

so lightly, you rally mean it wasn't down to their standard. Sounds like he's Director material though.

lightly said...

its very hard to go down to their standards, they look up to one cell organisms.